Jobs at Rixty

Marketing Associate in Brazil

Rixty Brazil is hiring the best Marketing Associate ever. Are you eligible for this position?

If you are between 20-25 years old, a well organized Brazilian, have great communication skills in English (and Portuguese, of course) and you are finishing your Marketing degree then you may apply for this job offer.

Our Mission: Cash In Online. Allow any consumer to spend online even if they don't have a bank or credit card.

Your Role: As Marketing Associate you will manage the Rixty Community in Brazil. Community means all types of interaction with consumers in:

a) Social Networks,
b) Customer Support
c) Marketing Activities as Exhibitions, Promotions and all sorts of Campaigns.

We need a very organized professional that will also take care of metrics in all tasks executed.

Desired Skills and Experience:
1. Fluent in English and Portuguese or Brazil
2. Degree in Communications, Marketing (3rd year or above)
3. Communication skills - clarity and sharpness

About Rixty:

Rixty, a subsidiary of MOL AccessPortal Sdn Bhd (MOL), is a leading cash-based alternative payment platform for online games, virtual goods and digital content. Consumers can pay without a credit card and without exposing confidential information by converting cash to Rixty value at 140,000 stores in the US and Brazil and hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide.

We are a global company with offices in 12 countries as Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil, United States and more.

Online game and website publishers use Rixty to engage with and monetize a larger percentage of users. By providing cash-based consumers a safe and flexible way to pay online, Rixty helps these publishers increase sales, enable new business models and attract new customers. For information on how to add Rixty to your website, visit our Developers page.

  • Rixty came up with a nifty solution: an anti-credit card  New York Magazine
  • Rixty users can use cash and coins to pay for hundreds of massively multiplayer online games, virtual worlds, Facebook games and casual games on web sites.  VentureBeat
  • Rixty solves the credit problem for virtual goods.  AdvertisingAge
  • Rixty is an excellent payment option for the unbanked  TechCrunch
  • Rixty today has numerous ways to use cash for online purchases  The New York Times
  • Rixty allows people without credit cards to buy virtual goods in popular online games like FarmVille and Adventure Quest  Time Magazine
  • Reducing friction to payments is turning into a large opportunity... Rixty allows consumers to buy prepaid cards with cash to be redeemed for game credits online.  All Things Digital