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  • Rixty came up with a nifty solution: an anti-credit card  New York Magazine
  • Rixty users can use cash and coins to pay for hundreds of massively multiplayer online games, virtual worlds, Facebook games and casual games on web sites.  VentureBeat
  • Rixty solves the credit problem for virtual goods.  AdvertisingAge
  • Rixty is an excellent payment option for the unbanked  TechCrunch
  • Rixty today has numerous ways to use cash for online purchases  The New York Times
  • Rixty allows people without credit cards to buy virtual goods in popular online games like FarmVille and Adventure Quest  Time Magazine
  • Reducing friction to payments is turning into a large opportunity... Rixty allows consumers to buy prepaid cards with cash to be redeemed for game credits online.  All Things Digital
  • Lots of Ways to Pay

    Rixty offers multiple convenient payment options. No matter what payment method you prefer, Rixty gives you an easy way to spend cash and coins online

    Preferred Method Accepted? Ways to Pay
    Coins Yes
    Paper Bills Yes
    • And more
    Debit/ATM Cards Yes
    • Debit and ATM cards
    Bank Transfers Yes
    • Thousands of banks worldwide
    Special Offers Yes
    • And more
    Credit Cards Yes
    • Available in checkout at selected websites
  • Available Worldwide at Retail & Online

    Rixty offers more locations where you can pay cash — and get full value for your money — than any company in the US. You can also load your Rixty account online.

    • 75,000+ convenient retail stores in the U.S.
    • Nearly 500,000 convenient locations worldwide
    • Easy store locator finds your closest location
    • Available online in more than 200 countries
    • Earn more through rewards and survey sites
  • Accepted at Over 1,000 Sites

    Rixty lets you spend at over 1,000 of the most popular online games, MMOs, social networks and digital content sites:

    • MMOs like Perfect World, AdventureQuest and Dragon Fable
    • Kids' games like Roblox and Tinier Me
    • Virtual worlds like NFLRush Zone
    • PC & Mac downloads
    • And many more!
  • No Fees, No Catch

    Rixty gives you full value for your cash, with no hidden charges or fees. You'll also have access to frequent promotions and bonuses, including the Rixty Rewards program where you'll earn Reward Points with every transaction.

    • FREE account
    • No usage fees
    • No subscription or commitment of any kind
    • Frequent bonuses & giveaways
    • Rewards every time you spend - up to a 5% Rixty bonus!
  • Safe and Secure

    You can spend with confidence, knowing that Rixty is the only prepaid payment product that's safe for all ages.

    • No identification required
    • No financial information required
    • No credit card or bank account required
    • Compliant with Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
    • Great for ages 6 and up
  • Great for Developers

    Rixty allows you to quickly and simply convert more users into paying customers. Benefits to developers and website publishers include:

    • Incremental revenues that don't cannibalize credit card sales
    • 100% guaranteed payments with NO chargebacks
    • No up-front costs or integration fees
    • Support for micro-transactions, subscriptions and one-time payments
    • Simple API integration

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