500,000 ways to increase revenues

Rixty enables cash-paying customers to purchase and receive full value for their money by transferring their cash online at nearly 500,000 locations worldwide.

Use Rixty On Your Website

How It Works

  • Cash Consumer

    User with cash...

  • Payment Options

    ...Buys a prepaid card,
    voucher or PIN...

  • Rixty API

    Redeems the code on the publisher's website via the Rixty payment API...

  • Online Publisher

    And purchases from
    the online publisher


Developer Benefits

  • New incremental revenues

  • Doesn't cannibalize credit card sales

  • More paying customers

  • No up-front costs or integration fees

  • Simple API integration

  • Support for micro-transactions, subscriptions, and one-time payments

  • 100% guaranteed payments with NO chargebacks

More Unique Payment Options

Rixty offers unique payment options that lead to new paying users and higher spending levels. The average paying user on the Rixty platform spends $40 per month.

Green Dot MoneyPak
$20 to $500
per transaction
Rixty Prepaid Card
$5 to $25
per card
Custom Game Card
$2 to $999
per transaction
$5 to $300
per voucher
Western Union
$10 to $300
per transaction
$2 to $999
per transaction
WU Pay
$10 to $999
Fast online bank transfer

Quick Stats

  • 70 million

    Number of American youth and adults lacking credit cards

  • $1.1 trillion

    Amount spent by this population annually in cash

  • 75,000

    Number of retail locations offering Rixty accross the US

  • $40

    Average users spend per month with Rixty

  • 0

    The number of chargebacks when using Rixty - 100% guaranteed payment

  • Rixty came up with a nifty solution: an anti-credit card  New York Magazine
  • Rixty users can use cash and coins to pay for hundreds of massively multiplayer online games, virtual worlds, Facebook games and casual games on web sites.  VentureBeat
  • Rixty solves the credit problem for virtual goods.  AdvertisingAge
  • Rixty is an excellent payment option for the unbanked  TechCrunch
  • Rixty today has numerous ways to use cash for online purchases  The New York Times
  • Rixty allows people without credit cards to buy virtual goods in popular online games like FarmVille and Adventure Quest  Time Magazine
  • Reducing friction to payments is turning into a large opportunity... Rixty allows consumers to buy prepaid cards with cash to be redeemed for game credits online.  All Things Digital