Chaos Online (SEA)

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Chaos Online (SEA) game codes and game cards At the beginning, this world was peacefully ruled by the God of Light and the God of Darkness. As time passed, chaos and confusion were unleashed upon the world. The God of Light, Arel, has distorted the world by creating five races to inhabit the world. The five established races were: Humans, Fairies, Dwarves, Yung and Orcs. These races were governed by the Elves, who were created by Arel, in order to maintain balance in the world. The Start of the Conflict All the races were peacefully living in harmony under the guard of the Elves, who were spiritually superior, when disaster struck. An unknown disease, originated within the Human race started appearing. This disease caused the victim´┐Żs body to rot to bone and transformed into the ugliest creature. Eventually, this epidemic has spread to the other races. In order to prevent the disease from further spreading, Eldin, leader of the Elves, Eldin, gave the command to mercilessly execute all infected beings, leading to brutal mass killings.
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