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    How to Load Your Account with Western Union

Step 1 - Find Your Western Union Account Number

  • In your favorite game or website, begin checkout and choose to pay with Rixty.

  • Login to your Rixty account.

  • Select Western Union as the form of payment. (If Western Union is not visible, there are no participating Western Union branches in your region.)

  •  After you select Western Union, you will see a page like this. Your personal number is shown in the Account Number box.
    Western Union Screen
  • Press the orange "View Instructions & Rebate Info" button to print an instructions sheet that also displays your number.

Step 2 - Go to Western Union

  • Visit any Western Union location worldwide.  (Find a location)
    1. Complete a Bill Pay form with these 3 details for your Rixty account ( Username: tedtweet ):
    2. I WANT TO:
      PAY A BILL
      Company Name (or Code City)  RIXTY
      Account Number XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
      Amount (Dollars)   (input amount here)
    3. You'll receive an email when the amount arrives in your Rixty account ( allow up to 2 hours ).
      Instant Rebate!

      Your Rixty account will also be rebated for the Western Union service fee, depending on the amount transferred:

      Amount Instant Rixty Rebate
      $0 - $49 No Rebate
      $50 - $100 $6.00
      Over $100 $10.00
    4. Find the 'Pay with Rixty' option on your favorite game or website to spend the amount in your Rixty account.
    Visit any Western Union and fill out a Quick Collect or Quick Pay form with the details above
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