Rixty Card 


Rixty offers online resellers in Brazil the opportunity to buy Rixty codes in bulk at a discounted rate. All orders must be prepaid and require a minimum purchase to achieve discounts.

Rixty codes are available to new resellers in BRL currency only.

Se você quer se tornar um revendedor Rixty no Brasil, por favor preencha este formulário.

  • Rixty came up with a nifty solution: an anti-credit card  New York Magazine
  • Rixty solves the credit problem for virtual goods.  AdvertisingAge
  • Rixty is an excellent payment option for the unbanked  TechCrunch
  • Rixty today has numerous ways to use cash for online purchases  The New York Times
  • Reducing friction to payments is turning into a large opportunity... Rixty allows consumers to buy prepaid cards with cash to be redeemed for game credits online.  All Things Digital